The Introduction of English Major(Business English)
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Nanjing Audit University set up the English Major (Business English) in 2011 and has achieved considerable development in it after several years’ efforts. Each discipline is lead by professors or associate professors and a research team with a reasonable structure in age and education background is well formed. At present, there are 6 professors (including 2 professors from other colleges), 15 associate professors (including 3 associate professors from other colleges), 9 lecturers (including 3 lectures of the college of economics), most of them are PhD or PhD candidates equipped with excellent teaching and research ability. The employment rate and level of graduates remain high and many graduates were admitted to national famous universities belonging to the "211" or “985” projects as well as many other universities abroad in the developed countries. Most of the graduates now work in educational, governmental, financial and trade sectors as well as in the foreign-founded enterprises.

The features and advantages of the English major mainly lie in the fact that students of this direction learn about basic skills of English language, receive basic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, especially in interpretation, translation, the application of Business English as well as the computer and network technology. Meanwhile, students of this major learn a lot of major courses like the Principles of the Economics and International Trade. The curriculum highlights its characteristics of cultivating practical personnel equipped with "language skills + commercial and trade skills + comprehensive skills”. It adheres to the principles of emphasizing foundation, widening the scope of knowledge, strengthening practices and improving qualities. It focuses on improving students’ abilities, so as to ensure the realization of objectives in cultivating talents of strong English communication ability as well as practical ability in commerce and trade areas.