The Introduction of Chinese Language and Literature Major
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The Chinese Language and Literature major is aimed at cultivating high-quality professionals with broad cultural visions and innovation abilities who are well developed in moral, intellectual and fitness level as well as in their appreciation of aesthetics and are able to be qualified in education, culture, publicity and management work. At present, there are 20 professional teachers, including 4 professors, 13 associate professors and 3 lecturers graduating from Peking University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, East China Normal University and other famous universities in China. Teachers under 50 are all PhD or PhD candidates. This major requires students to master the basic theory and basic knowledge of Chinese language and literature, to possess a higher level of word processing and language expression and to understand the frontier achievements and prospects of this major. Besides, it requires students to be equipped with strong analytical ability, writing ability, research and practical work ability as well as ability to read and retrieve classical literature. Meanwhile, taking advantage of our university’s strong economic management background, the major sets up a number of economic management courses to help students understand and master the basic theory and knowledge concerned, cultivating and fostering interdisciplinary talents on Chinese with financial management background.